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IQNEXUS LPWAN NBREADY Cold Room Monitoring LPWAN NBREADY Cold Room Monitoring.. Product #: NBREADY Freezer In Stock
Product Code: NBREADY Freezer
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Weight: 400.00g
Dimensions: 15.00cm x 25.00cm x 30.00cm
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Companies are obliged to monitor cold storage areas to preserve quality and maintain consumer product safety standards. When temperature sensitive or perishable goods are stored prior to final distribution, the storage condition data needs to be recorded and accessible anytime.

Food waste and recalls are some of the most important problems of food sector nowadays and cold storage has contributed to the reduction of waste from perishable commodities and is instrumental for the development of the food sector.

Food manufacturers and other industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and livestock are now embracing wireless monitoring technologies for a number of benefits. Many changes in government regulatory requirements are posing new challenges for many companies in warehousing industry. Such regulations request temperature to be monitored, controlled and recorded throughout food distribution process, including while it’s stored.

Ensure food quality, regulatory compliance, and protect your valuable inventory with 24/7 fully-automated temperature monitoring protection. Effortlessly monitor all of your food storage equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receive alerts should any readings fall out of range. Different gateways or connectivity are available. The internet connection could be over an existing router or via 3G/4G with a build in wireless router.

The base IoTBox contains:

  • NBREADY LoRaWAN® Cloud Account
  • One year subscription for one sensor 
  • Gateway (ethernet or mobile network) or public network
  • Temperature sensor

Additional sensors out of the IQnexus Marketplace can be purchased and connected against a low monthly subscription. 


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Main Features

  • NZ/AUS LoRaWAN® compliant
  • Public Network Connection or private LoRaWAN®  Gateway
  • On-Premise or Cloud installation

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