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IQNEXUS NBREADY IAQ Indoor Air Quality Monitoring - Schools NBREADY IAQ Indoor Air Quality Monitoring - Schools.. Product #: NBREADY Air In Stock
Product Code: NBREADY Air
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Weight: 400.00g
Dimensions: 15.00cm x 25.00cm x 30.00cm
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LoRaWAN® Monitoring Solution for Air-Quality, Smoke & Heat, Energy & Water Consumption, Parking & Waste-Bins. The fundamental objective of air quality monitoring is to collect data that can be used to make informed decisions to best manage and improve the environment. Different sensors and gateways are available. The internet connection could be over an existing router or via 3G/4G cellular mobile network with a build-in wireless router. Depending on the the configuration, the base box could contain:

  • NBREADY account
  • Indoor Gateway
  • Air Quality Sensors (VOCs, CO2, CO and PM2.5)
  • Please contact us for the Connectivity and Sensor/Meter configuration

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